Welcome to the Dementia Training Study Centres

Funded by the Australian Government, the Dementia Training Study Centres aim to improve the quality of care and support provided to people living with dementia and their families through providing development opportunities for existing and future dementia care health professionals.

This is achieved through a dedicated range of courses, workshops, seminars, scholarships, support, and curriculum development that translates contemporary knowledge into practical, effective approaches to helping people living with dementia and their families.

Our programs are designed for health professionals and students who provide care for people living with dementia such as general practitioners, nurses, aged care and dementia service providers, medical specialists, psychologists and psychiatrists, allied health professionals, and tertiary institutions. Our goal is to enhance the knowledge and skills base of the current and future dementia care workforce, creating a nationally cohesive approach to dementia care.

Each Centre has been allocated National Priority Areas to ensure the delivery of accessible and relevant dementia education and training. Click here to read more about our National Priority Areas.